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About us

Welcome to our English class blog. We are 48 very nice students from Norway, taking part in the Student blogging challenge 2019 for the very first time. Our teachers’ names are Mr.Andreas and Mrs.Jorunn.

Hello, we are from a school in Norway, in a city called Bergen. Bergen has a population of  approximately 300.000 people and in our school we are about 400 very bright and nice students. 

In Norway you can visit different cities like Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim which are the most popular cities to visit. Most people come to Norway to visit and view our beautiful coasts and mountains. In Bergen we have a beautiful downtown, where you can find Fløyen ( a really popular mountain), Ulriken (a popular mountain) and “Bryggen” (in english, pier).

In Norway we have many mountains, valleys and fjords. These are really popular among the tourists. It’s pretty cold here but that’s not a problem, it’s what makes Norway, Norway. Have you ever visited Norway?

Here is our schoolyard. But most of us are inside during  the periods because most times it’s cold outside. We have several benches, chairs and tables to sit on. The small periods lasts fifteen minutes, and we have 3 – 4 small periods, the big period lasts 30 minutes, we only have one.

Photo credit: lilboy1

Now the students are about to publish their Avatar-descriptions. You will find all the posts on the right sidebar. We are looking forward to reading your comments!

Written by some of our students


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